The Plymouth Rotary Club and the Plymouth Rotary Foundation holds fundraisers annually in the Fall of each year.  The proceeds from the fundraisers are made available for grants.  The funds available for grants will vary from year to year.


The Club assembles a Grant Committee, chaired by the Clubs Immediate Past President, to evaluate grant applications received and make recommendations to the Club's Board of Directors for concurrence.  Grants are awarded twice each year.


Applications received by January 15 will be evaluated for 1st half funding and applications received by May 15 will be evaluated for 2nd half funding.  Applications must be complete in every detail.  Incomplete applications will not be evaluated.  All grants must adhere to the binding and non-binding criteria listed to the right.


All instructions are available on this web page and may be downloaded for printing.


The Club reserves the right to fund only a portion of a request depending on the amount of funds available, if that is appropriate.  It is possible that some deserving applications may be held over to the next funding period by notification and agreement with the applicant.


If questions remain, please address inquiries to either 

James Williams at 

Peter Bartling at




Grant Committee Chair

Rotary Club of Plymouth

P.O. Box 46453

Plymouth, MN 55446













1. Grants may be used to assist individuals and/or families with urgent emergency


2. Priority shall be given to programs emphasizing youth and education.

3. The Rotary Club of Plymouth shall strive to allocate funding geographically with

50% designated for programs within its Plymouth service area and 50% allocated

to state/national/international programs.

4. The Rotary Club of Plymouth shall use its best efforts to fund 100% , or make a

significant contribution toward the request for any approved project.



1. The organization applying for a Rotary Grant must be sponsored by a member of

the Rotary Club of Plymouth. The Club Member must have personal knowledge

of the organization but is not required to be a member of the grant applying


2. Applications for a Rotary Grant must contain all required information and be

submitted by the scheduled deadline. Any incomplete and/or untimely

applications shall not be considered but may be resubmitted for consideration

during the next grant period.

3. No grant funding shall be provided for capital campaigns, general operating

expenses, reimbursement for expenditures already incurred or projects that were

initiated prior to the grant deadline. Grants shall not be used to benefit Rotary

members or their immediate family.

4. Grants shall be used for specific needs that maximize benefits to recipient(s). The

grant request must be for a specific project with measurable outcomes that impact

issues in our community, state, country and the world.

5. In general, an organization may not apply for a grant in consecutive years unless

the grant request is for a different program than that funded by the previous year’s


6. Grant recipients must complete and submit the Rotary Club of Plymouth grant

report form within one year of receipt of the grant. If the organization is applying

for a new grant, the previous year grant report shall be required to be included

with the new grant request. Once the report is received, local grant recipients will

be invited to a weekly Plymouth Rotary meeting to give a 5-10 minute oral report

about the completed project.

7. Any previous grant recipient applying for a grant in a subsequent year, must

include the previous year’s grant report with the new grant request.